Tomorrow, about 200-300 people will go home; gift shop, spa, entertainment ..

people will go home
corona virus on ships likely to sends crew members home

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There is more and more talk that Carnival will send home all of us.

I’m on Horizon right now and tomorrow there are about 200-300 people leaving: gift shop, spa, entertainment, where airports are open. There are plenty of people from the UK, South Africa and of course America leaving tomorrow.

Others say Carnival will try anything they can to slow down sending us home. If the airport is closed, they will try to find another airport nearby. Crew member will be compensated for his travel money. There was a Macedonian, the airport was closed in Macedonia but HR told him that if he wanted to fly to Tirana or Pristina, the airport was open there.

And after that, there will again be a large number of crew members who cannot get home at all. The company plans to leave those crew memebers on board but to put them on to a guest list. They will not work and the company will cover the cost of their food and medical expenses. The same applies to one who might go home but is not willing to go because of the situation in his country. He may stay on board but company won’t pay him any money.

I do not know how true this is, but everyone is speculating. When you look at it, all of this is realistic; corona virus is not going to stop. As I see it in America, it still hasn’t started intensively. In the next few weeks there will be even more chaos.


KikiRiki, Spa Therapist

Steiner Training Academy
Steiner Training Academy

Username: KikiRiki
Country: Croatia
Gender: F
Company: Steiner OneSpaWorld
Position: Spa Therapist

How did you hear about work on cruise ships?
Through a friend who did a contract on the boat as a shoppie.
Then she decided to try as A Nail Technician and then got me involved into the whole story. Although I finished high school in Rijeka, we decided to privately complete the courses, she went for the pedicure/manicurist/spa therapist and i took just last one.

What attracted you to apply for a job on cruise ships?
I was thinking about getting into the university, I didn’t make it from the first try, so I wanted to try to pay and thus get in for sure, I didn’t want to ask money for college from my parents. I liked making money onboard, and of course, to travel a little bit, which I haven’t had a chance to do before…

What cruise ship agency did you sign up for, and why through it?
RIV from Kopar, owner Helena Vehovec.

Which company and position have you signed up for and why?
I primarily got an offer to go to Steiner because I speak good English.
Ocean View (on MSC) was also at play because I speak both Italian and German. Eventually, it turned out I was going to Steiner.

How long did the interview last and when did you find out if you passed?
The Steiner interview took place in Koper with Steiner recruitment agent for Europe, Ingrid Borst. Helena was the organizer of everything in the hotel and she prepared the paperwork. The interview lasted all afternoon, in fact it was a demonstration of the practical knowledge of performing a back massage, a little bit of detail about it, then a literate and verbal self-presentation talk in English, of course.

What were your expenses getting on board?
The commission RIV agency took was approximately 350 euros, plane ticket Trieste-London (Heathrow) about 600 euros (1 year worth return), US visa with costs of trip to Ljubljana and back about 250 euros, medical exam in London and all in and around Steiner about 1000 euros, costs during training at Harrow Weald (5 weeks) about 500 euros… All together, I’m going to say 3,000 euros. I did not count the price of course for Spa Therapists at the Lovran Wellness Academy, and this was with the cost of attendance about 1500 euros.

How did you get ready to travel into the unknown, what did you decide to carry with you?
I brought two suitcases and an outfit for London, hygiene supplies, a pair of shoes, laptop, mobile phone, a couple of expert books for extra baggage weight.

Continues at the forum (use google translate)


Royal rehire – try again in six months

Should you wish to rehire to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, this is very probable answer to your request:

Dear (ex-crew),
Thank you for your Interest in rejoining our principal, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Our recruitment demands and strategies are changing, and this has led to adjustments on the preferred regions of the world where we hire talents. Our recruitment drive for positions that are in demand at this time is not focused on your location. However, you are welcome to try again in six months.
We wish you the best in your job search.

Rehire Request Team
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd 1080 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132 USA


Carnival Bar Service Test

If you join Carnival as Bar Server, you will be introduced to a knowledge test, and depending on your results, management will place you to a weak earning ship/bar or top earning bar.
Following is a quiz recorded by a candidate who passed it with a high scoring 97%.
As time pass, test will change, but good number of questions may be repeated.

carnival bar service test

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For Crew Only – Anyone used their shopping and delivery service?

For Crew Only

Does anyone have any kind of shopping experience with
The prices are great, the inventory is satisfactory, and most important – they claim to deliver goods free of charge to the ship.
For now, they claim to deliver (to just a few ports), but those ports are not unimportant (Miami, Canaveral …)
I wrote them an email, but it’s been 5 days, there’s no answer … which says a lot about their credibility … a bad sign.


Princess Cruises Photography Training

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Princess Cruises Photography Training


The photo staff manning on these vessels consist of
10 Photo Staff
2 Assistant Managers
1 Photo Manager
Grand Class ships offer weddings and a variety of unique digital services for our passengers to enjoy.
All of the Grand Class vessels operate on a 100% digital capturing and production system.

The photo staff manning on these vessels consist of
7 Photo Staff
1 Assistant Manager
1 Photo Manager
Sun Class ships offer large Photo display areas and shops, featuring a variety of digital services.
All of the Sun Class vessels operate on a digital capturing and production system.

The photo staff manning on these vessels consist of:
9 Photo Staff
1 Assistant Manager
1 Photo Manager
Coral Class ships offer large Photo display areas and shops, featuring state of the art digital service.
These vessels operate on a 100% digital capturing and production system.

The photo staff manning on these ships consists of
2 Photo Staff
1 Photo Manager
Tahitian Class ships offer large Photo display areas and shops. Tahitian Class ships operate on a 100% digital capturing and production system.

The photo staff manning on these vessels consists of
3 Photo Staff
1 Assistant Manager
1 Photo Manager
Royal Princess offer large Photo display areas and shops, featuring digital services. The ship operates on a 100% digital capturing and production system.


Entertainment Production Crew

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Production Trainee Handbook [Princess Cruises] (pdf, 68.4MB)
Entertainment Technicians (ALL manuals for Ent. equipment onboard)
Broadcast Technician equipment and job description
Oasis OTS broadcast equipment familiarization
Entertainment Technicians test (ex. Audio/Video Staff)


Anybody worked as Guest Services Host for Disney Cruise Line?


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  • Country: Croatia
  • Company: Disney Cruise Line
  • Recruitment Agency: Employment Power
  • Job Title: Guest Services Host


Is there someone here who has applied for the Guest Services Host for Disney Cruise Line?
I had an interview and got the job, now I just have to get the C1/D visa and wait for the date of embarkation.
I wonder if someone has worked on that position before, and liked it?

I worked for Disney in Orlando, FL.  And that was too good and I really love and appreciate that company. But I think this will be another story, because I hear onboard ship is only work, work and work, and there is no time for some excitement outside of that. The salary is also not something great (1884 $ / month for 10h / day), as other departments earn much better money.
So far I’ve been working on a ship as a maid, but the guest services work I’ve been working on land only. I am still dwelling weather to chose cruise ship or go to Germany, where I have 2148 Euros for normal working hours of 5 days a week, I pay lodging €250, and €3 per meal.
I am interested to hear the crew experience, possibly from someone who has worked as Guest Services Host?

Thanks in advance!

Please join discussion here: Forum


Seabourn crew, want to make an extra €500? A referral bonus is waiting for you.


Want to make an extra €500?

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• Stewardess
• Guest service operator & Above

A referral bonus of €500 applies if the company hires an applicant referred by an employee to assume one of the following positions:
• Marine& Technical Officers
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• Asst. Maitre D’ & Above
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• Crew Purser & Above
• Guest services Supervisor & Above


Carnival photographer. For amount of work – not enough money.

Username: Jacob83
Country: Serbia
Gender: M
Company: Carnival
Position: Photographer

How did you hear about work on cruise ships?
The first time I heard about it was when I read the article in the press, and then I found this online forum in google. This forum had enough information provided for everyone interested in cruise ship employment.

What motivated you to apply for a job on a cruise ships?
Primarily the money, and then the opportunity to travel to some countries that otherwise I would never have seen.

Which recruiting agencies for work on cruise ships you visited?
I applied through three agencies and passed all three interviews, got the job. In the end I decided for a company that has given me the fastest embarkation date.
The three agency I applied for a job are Safe Cruise, Kouzon and Employment Power. I was not dwelling much about what agency to go to, it is best to apply to more/all of them.

Which cruise ship company and the position have you applied for, and why?
Again, I applied to several of them, Carnival, Princess and MSC Cruises. I applied as a photographer, because that’s what I do, that’s my profession.

How long did the interview last and when you find out that you’ve hired?
With Princess it was the fastest, lasted barely 20 minutes and the next day I found out I passed the interview.
With Carnival was similar, Julia held an interview for some 20 minutes and immediately told me I passed.
With the MSC it was little more complicated, first I went to Skopje for interview, I waited all day and then interview lasted about 15 minutes. I found out a week later that I passed the interview.

What were your expenses of getting a job on ship?
Altogether about 1,500 euros where the greatest cost was air travel ticket, 900 euros.

Were you satisfied with profits?
For all that photographers do on Carnival, salary is too low. Now someone will say how come $1200 is a not enough, when in Serbia people work all month for $200, but I say for all that is required from a Carnival photographer – it is not enough.
Photographers Literally do everything, take photos while people dine, at gangways, we dress those stupid costumes, some of which are almost torture devices, such as lobster costume, under which you suffocate as in a sauna, and you can not breathe.
Then we photograph portraits, do setup and breakdown of the same, we sell all sorts of things in the gallery, we sell Canvas, we have to book for Dream studio, etc.

So, for the amount of work – not enough money.

If you want to read the full text, as well as over 350 such stories of veterans of work on cruise ships, visit FORUM