Princess svojoj posadi daje cjepivo Moderna

Obavijest Princess-a svojoj posadi i onima koji se takvima smatraju:

Dear Teammate
We are excited to announce that in collaboration with Larkin Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida, arrangements have been made to provide COVID-19 vaccination to our team members while the ships are docked in Port Everglades
Here are some important facts for you to know
• The COVID-19 vaccine that is being offered is made by Moderna
It is authorized for use by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), World Health Organization (WHO), the European Medicines Agency, and other government health authorities in the U.K , Canada and many other countries around the world. Over 1 billion doses of COV1D-19 vaccines have been given globally
• The Moderna vaccine is safe and highly effective.
Recent studies report over 80% effectiveness within 2 weeks of the first dose, over 90% effectiveness after the second shot and nearly 100% effective against severe disease
• The vaccine is given in two doses, four weeks apart.
Our plan is to return to port in about 4 weeks so you can get the second dose After the vaccination, you will receive a CDC vaccination card
• If you are scheduled to sign off and cannot stay for the second dose, but would still like to receive your first dose, your options are:
– Get your second dose while you are home
– We will do our best to plan for your second dose when you rejoin for your next contract
• After the vaccination, you will receive a CDC vaccination card

Printed information on the vaccine is available.
Please speak to the ship’s doctor it you
• Have received any vaccine in the past 14 days
• Have ever had an allergic reaction to a vaccine
• Have a medical reason not to take the vaccine
• Are hesitant to receive the vaccine and need more time or information

To protect the health and safety of all on board, all team members are expected to get vaccinated. Kindly consider the following:
• Most team members do not have access to COVID-19 vaccines in their home countries and it may be many months before they are eligible
• The vaccine may become a requirement by applicable health agencies around the world as a condition for working on a cruise ship and many regulators including the CDC have indicated that it finds acceptable all vaccines approved by the U.S FDA and the WHO
• Some countries are moving to require proof of vaccination as a condition for international travel not being vaccinated could limit your future ability to join a ship and/or to return home
• Destinations we visit may require crew vaccination as a condition for making a call
• Shore leave, and future relaxation of current onboard protocols, may only be allowed for those who have been vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated may be required to follow additional health protocols such as more frequent testing, and not being allowed to participate in social gatherings
If you are hesitant about receiving the vaccine please understand that we are not requiring you to be vaccinated to continue to be considered for employment.
COVID-19 vaccination is likely to become a requirement in the future, just like many other vaccines that we require to prevent the spread of other communicable diseases that threaten public health like influenza, measles, mumps, and rubella.
We are committed to the health and safety of our team members, guests, and the communities we visit.
Vaccinations are a key part of that commitment



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