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Zdravo zoki,
Fala na detalnite informacii za ovaa kompanija, barem za nas koi ideme prvpat na Thomson e od golemo znacenje.
Jas se ukrcavam vo juni na Discovery 2 pa ako preziveam kje vi prenesam iskustva od tamu  :hehe:
Pozdrav ! :wave:

Yes, that's right oT

Hello Friends,

Just to give you an update...Finally Im going on Thomson, Discovery 2 on 13.06.2018  position - Secretary so I will be more than thankfull if someone can give me more info about this position, responsabilities any advsises etc.  However I tried other agensy in the maintime and I passed preliminary interview for Receptionist on Princcess but I decide to dont go further on main interview in Belgrade and satisfy with this secretary position on Thomson as first contract  becaouse I was on a half way waithig the LOE plus already paid for Stcw in Bjela,Montenegro 350 eur. The interview for Princess was ok with questions from work experience mainly, but for this posiition is nedeed fully fully fluent english and knowledge from famous Fidelio progam (which I dont have it) :rtfm: I was also on presentation in kouzon Skopje were I found out that STCWcertificates from Marintime in Bjela, Montenegro are not accepted, maybe its because they recently  open their own center, here in Skopje and cost 550 :/

Regards  :plovim:

 I don't know how is for Princesses maybe they required 2nd language but for Thomson you can pass with one language.Yes, that's right... That was the reply from the man who was leading the main interview... because Thomson has mainly british guests etc. Somehow I get Secretary position on Thomson. Tomorrow I have Skype interview for Princesses for Purser so I will have more information. :wave:

I hope here are good people who can help me with my complicated situation. Sorry for english language, but Im not sure that you will understand my native. I need to choose between Secretary on Thomson and Receptionist on Princesses -()- If I choose Thomson everything is on my expenses, even Stcw which I paid 350eur and I'm not sure can I use for other companies. The salary is 900$ which means first months I 'll work to cover the expenses...I didn't get job description and I don't know my responsibilities  for this job, because on the main interview I was refused bcz my british accent (I have 3years experience as receptionist).
After 4 months waiting after main interview, I found another company which is working for Princesses and have position for Purser. They don't get any provision, the flight is paid and the salary is 1400$.
Can you help me guys with your opinion?I 'll appreciated especially from people who already worked on these positions Secretary vs. Purser so they can share with me bad/good things...
Many thanks :hmm:

Kade slusna negativni komentari? Bese ti na nekoja nivna prezentacija? Inaku jas cekam datum za ukrcaj za Tomson od nivnoto posledno intervju vo septemvri vo Belgrad sto bese.
Srekjno! :-)

Drugari pozdrav!
Is here anybody who can help with main interview tips/advises for receptionist position for Thomson?
Today, I heard that instead:yes sir, you should answered:certainly sir.... :hehe:
Thanks a lot! :wave:

Pozdrav! :-)

Is anybody here who can advice for position: Front desk receptionist? From one agency from Macedonia offer me this position(I dont have any previous cruiser experience, but I have experience working in a hotel)... As I can see very low interest for this Thomson company or Im wrong? Or maybe they offer me this company bcz it will be my first contract...
I m scared little bit for that exchange working...

Thanks for any advice  :wave:

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