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Hotel Department Duties & Responsibilities
« on: 07/February/2010 »

The Hotel Director is responsible for all hotel departments onboard and supervises all "hotel" department heads to ensure company standards and procedures are being upheld, in an effort to maximize guest service and satisfaction. The Hotel Director oversees crew morale onboard and allocates crew cabins.  They are directly involved in the maximization of onboard revenues and will monitor and control expenses and requisitions of all hotel departments.  The Hotel Director ensures all group functions and our VIP guests are looked after.


The Chief Purser is responsible for the overall operation of the Guest Services on board and manages the Purser department, which includes the Manager of Staff Administration. This includes the operation of the front desk to ensure company service, administration, and guest relations standards are met.  They will also encourage and support office accord that facilitates developing the potential of the Purser Team.
Manager of Staff Administration - Responsible for assisting crew with their administrative needs and other related issues.

Groups Co-coordinator - Liaises with group leaders to ensure their functions run as planned.  Completes the lounge chart and group memos.


The Food and Beverage Manager is ultimately responsible for all areas of the food and beverage operation which includes all galleys, restaurants and bars. They are responsible for costs, quality of product and service for their department. Responsible for the sanitation of all food and beverage areas they ensure that the ship meets all USPH requirements.
Maitre D’ - Manager of the Restaurant team/Dining Room Department, ensuring proper guest service is provided.
Responsible for guest’s dining assignment.

Restaurant Hostess - Meets and greets guests at the entrance of the dining room/restaurant and is responsible for Bon Voyage and Weddings.

Chef – Responsible for the staffing and food production in the galleys and room service. Coordinates with the Food & Beverage Manager in the preparation of weekly supply orders. Responsible for the overall quality of food preparation onboard.

Bar Manager - Responsible for overseeing the entire bar operation, including cocktail parties and controlling cost and revenue.

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager -There is usually more than one assistant, beginning with a Senior Assistant F&B Manager, they work alongside the Food & Beverage Manager.


The Cruise Director manages all entertainment personnel, including hosts, dancers and musicians and onboard activities and entertainment.
The Cruise Director prepares the Carnival Capers for printing, schedules shows and activities, provides information talks on ports of call/shore excursions, embarkation/debarkation procedures. The Cruise Director has all dealings with advertising revenue and promotes all ship's activities.
The Assistant Cruise Director, Dance Captain and Musical Director all report directly to the Cruise Director.
The Assistant Cruise Director and Social Hosts assist the Cruise Director with activities and host most of the activities onboard, encouraging guest participation.

The, Back Stage Manager, Light and Sound Technicians set up the various activities onboard, while the Cruise Staff Assistant helps clean up backstage.


Responsible for the Housekeeping and Laundry operation, and the staff associated with each, including ensuring high standards of cleanliness, compliance to rules & regulations, USPH, effective management & cost control.
Assistant Housekeeping Managers - Responsible for assignment and supervision of tasks as assigned by the Housekeeping Manager.
They ensure standards are met and maintained. They are responsible for a team of Stateroom Stewards, Hotel Stewards and Staff Stewards, ensuring high standards of work and timekeeping. As the housekeeping department is responsible for all areas of cleanliness onboard, there are several assistants covering each area, including open deck, public areas and crew areas. Also, working different shifts, such as a Day Assistant(s) and Night Assistant(s).

Laundry Manager - Responsible for the cleaning and pressing of all items onboard, such as guests' clothes, ship's linens (tablecloths, napkins) and crew clothes. Responsible for the operation and all personnel associated with the Main Laundry.


Manages the "Camp Carnival" youth program. Supervises the youth counselors in performing baby sitting and scheduled youth activities.

Responsible for virtually all cash handling onboard, the Chief Accountant will control the ship's safe, prepare weekly cash and expense reports, pay tour operators and issue funds to the Pursers for Purser floats. The Chief Accountant also collects the cash deposits from business partners in addition to the Casino. The Chief Accountant is responsible for overseeing the cost and revenue accountants in their departments and ensuring proper reports are generated daily.
Revenue Accountants - Responsible for the maintaining the Sail & Sign system. They recognize and repair problems with the system, execute daily and voyage functions and balance all cash reports and figures related to Sail & Sign.

Paymaster - Responsible for paying the crewmembers onboard their salary.


Oversees the medical team onboard and makes any final decision on medical treatment for our guests and crew. Only the Doctor can prescribe medications. The Doctor will have set hours, usually 8:00AM to 11:00AM and 3:00PM to 6:00PM, refer to the Carnival Caper.
Ships’ Nurses - A small team of nurses will assist the Doctor in making a Medical Team. The Nurses deal directly with the guests and assess their condition before being seen by the Doctor. They prescribe over the counter treatments and handle the billing of any medical services provided to the guests.


Primarily responsible for the promotion, operation and balancing of the shore excursion sales system as well as contacting tour operators to coordinate the tours and tour counts. Responsible to resolve tour complaints and rent snorkel equipment.


Better known as I/S Manager, this position is responsible for the maintenance of virtually all computer systems onboard. I/S Manager troubleshoots and repairs any problems with the ship's hardware and software.


Responsible for the overall operation of the casino. Ensures all rules and regulations are being adhered to.
Cashiers - Handle money in exchange for casino chips for our guests. They are found in the ‘cage’ of the Casino;


Responsible for the entire operation of the Photo Department, including controlling costs and maximizing revenue. Must adhere to USPH regulations within the photo lab.   
Photographers - Responsible for taking photos in all guest settings throughout the ship, developing the photos and photo sales to our guests.   

Responsible for filming and editing the daily Travelog video, repairs to televisions and in-cabin TV broadcasting.


Oversees the entire Spa operation including the Gymnasium. "Steiner's" is a separate business from Carnival Cruise Lines.
Includes the Salon, Massage/treatments rooms, Gymnasium and exercise classes such as ‘Spinning’ and yoga.


Oversees the entire Gift Shop including, logo-wear, jewelry and liquor. The Gift Shop is also a separate business from Carnival Cruise Lines.

GOLF PRO - Elite Golf        
For a fee the Golf Professional provides golf lessons on the open deck and organizes tee-times for our guests ashore.
The golf pro escorts these guests and plays a ¬round of golf with his guests. Two-way radio rentals are also available through the Golf Pro.

INTERNET CAFÉ - Digital Seas                                                                                              
The Internet Café Manager is responsible for the onboard Internet Cafés (Guest and Crew).
The Internet Café Manager maintains the hardware and software of this café and deals directly with any queries.
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Hotel Department Duties & Responsibilities
« on: 07/February/2010 »


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