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holland america additional info
« on: 07/January/2019 »
ako neko ima iskustva sa ovim bio bih zahvalan, svaka informacija dobro dosla

Global Privacy Notice
 (“we” or “us”), which can be reached at
has engaged Sterling Talent Solutions (“Sterling”) to conduct background screening services before and during employment, volunteer, tenancy or other contractual relationships. You can find complete information about how Sterling handles and protects your personal information and how to contact Sterling here:
Sterling's services include verification of some or all of the following types of information, depending on the services ordered by us: - Address, contact information and address history - Criminal, police or court records* - Driving records - Education history - Eligibility to work - Employment or volunteering history, including fiduciary or directorship responsibilities - Financial history, including credit history, bankruptcy and financial judgments* - Gap activities, including travel - Health information, including drug tests* - Identity, including identifying numbers and identity documents* - Inclusion on watch or sanctions lists* - Membership, registration or disciplinary action with regulatory or professional bodies - Mentions in online or print media - Other people’s opinions about your performance or character - Social media activity We may collect some personal information that is sensitive or subject to special protections under the law where you reside. These are denoted with an asterisk (*) in the lists above and here: #why-we-collect. A complete list of the types and sources of personal information we and Sterling may collect to carry out these services are listed here: Some of these checks can only be carried out for specific roles or in certain countries. To understand exactly which types of personal information will be collected in your case and how they will be used, contact us. 
Your personal information is collected and processed based on one or more of the following: - It is necessary for us to carry out obligations in our contract with you. - It is necessary for us to comply with our obligations under employment or other laws. - We have legitimate interests to do so, taking into consideration your rights. Our legitimate interests may include one or more of the following: - Ensuring the reliability of employees and contractors - Protection of our workers, property and reputation - Compliance with foreign laws - Compliance with contractual obligations - We have your freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous consent. - It is otherwise permitted by law. Sterling may share your personal information with third parties to validate its accuracy or obtain specialized services, such as data storage or translation services. Information about how Sterling may share your personal information can be found here: 


holland america additional info
« on: 07/January/2019 »