Author Topic: Royal Caribbean - roadshow KONKURSI - Srbija, Hrvatska, Crna Gora, BIH....  (Read 1748 times)

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Prenosim, pa ako je neko zainetresovan.

"Dear Valued Crew Member,

Our full fleet of ships across all brands will be back at sea before the year’s end. It is an exciting time for Royal Caribbean International and our dedicated crew leading our bold path forward.

Every ship must be ready for the adventure ahead and each of you must have the support you need to deliver The ROYAL Way experience. It is time to grow our crew family!

Across the world, we are kicking off recruitment events to fill numerous onboard positions in different departments. You understand what it takes to be the best crew in the world, which is why we need you to let family and friends know about these recruiting opportunities in Europe.

We are going to be in the countries below. Take the flyer and tell your friends, family, and your network; you can also share on your social channels. All they need to do is follow the instructions on the flyer to register, bring a copy of their resume/CV to the event and tell us why they would be a great addition to this brand we love, crew we care for, and guests we value.

If someone you know is interested, ask them to register and learn more at We’d love to learn more about them! We are counting on you to help us connect with the best talent in Europe!
Our crew is the heart of this organization. We are ready to welcome new crew members as dedicated and exceptional as you."


Više o datumima i prijava na linku:

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Ne vjeruj domeni koja tvrdi da zastupa Royal a ime joj je
I ja mogu kupiti domenu i traziti cv-je i eventualno lovu pod imenom
Odavno ne plovim. Sve odgovore pronađite na forumu. (door=forum, ja Morpheus ti Neo)

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Ne vjeruj domeni koja tvrdi da zastupa Royal a ime joj je
I ja mogu kupiti domenu i traziti cv-je i eventualno lovu pod imenom

Sefe - mail je legitiman, svi koji radimo za RCG smo dobili. Mail sa kojeg je stiglo je:

Fali crew-a na globalnom nivou. Kome god posao treba - neka se prijavi, datumi su:

18/19 maj - Beograd - Queen Astoria
20 maj - BIH (Banja Luka - Hotel Bosna)
21 maj - Makedonija (Skopje, Bul. Sv.Kliment Ohridski 58)
22 maj - Albanija (Tirana, Blv. “Deshmoret e Kombit”, Kullat binjake, hyrja qendrore, kati i 3-te, Nr.29)
23 maj - Crna Gora (Podgorica, Hilton)
24 - 26 maj - Hrvatska (Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb - Tkalčićeva 27, Rovinj - hotel Lone)

Pozicije su: All Entry Roles for Bar/Restaurant Service, Hotel and Casino