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Guest Computer Services Manager - Cunard
« on: 05/October/2010 »
Date posted: 30 Sep 2010

Guest Computer Services Manager

Job Description

Principal Functions
·         Manage the day-to-day operation of the ConneXions Learning computers. Ensure all computers work properly clean up files on the computers after classes. Remain up to date with computer knowledge, software usage and implement new classes as necessary.
·         Ensure that any known attempts to interfere with hardware or software are recorded and reported to the Security Officer and CSO.
·         Work with the Chief Printer to maintain adequate supplies of up to date print materials to support the Internet Café and CLC.
·         Maintain CLC intranet pages with related information including software, training and other available services.
·         Maintaining Planetarium tickets up to stock and placing them out on the desk every day when a show is scheduled.
·         Printing of the Mass disembarkation key cards and the World Club membership cards for guests upgraded to their new loyalty level using DTS. Maintaining key card printers with a monthly cleaning process, changing overused parts, keeping them locked and secured. Working with stores, Pursers Manifest and the Voyage sales specialists to keep printer parts and printing cards up to stock.
·         Schedule Instructor-led classroom sessions, defined by Cunard Line, in:
Basic PC functions (hardware); Operating Systems; Internet (banking, financial services, shopping, etc); Business Productivity Programs (Microsoft Office), Emerging Technologies; and any other software that may be provided from time to time for guest use.
·         Sessions to be scheduled and rooms booked in advance of voyage; communicated to Programme Coordinator (and other departments that need to know the schedule in advance).
·         A Learning Session schedule for every voyage made available to guests in order that they may plan attendance in advance.
·         Sessions should not be scheduled back to back – but should always permit a gap to allow for bathroom breaks, refreshments, check of other locations, resolve guest issues and offer general assistance.
·         Average session duration should be 45-60 minutes.
·         There should be an opportunity within each session to have an interactive Q&A period with guests and obtain their feedback.
·         A general Help & Advice session should be scheduled on each voyage.
·         Learning sessions to be scheduled daily. Sea Days should incorporate 3-4 sessions – 1-2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Port days require 1-2 sessions in the late afternoon.
·         When a port arrival is scheduled for later in the day, sessions should be held in the morning while at sea.
·         Sessions should be managed by provided signup sheets. While it should not be mandatory that guests sign up in advance, any determined to do so should not be discouraged.
·         All ‘Hands On’ sessions to take place in the CLC.
·         Dependent upon room availability, demonstration sessions (not requiring ‘Hands On’) that require additional seating capacity may take place in available alternative rooms, equipped with an LCD projector and screen, with hookup available to a provided WiFi laptop.

The successful applicant should have at least 2 years experience in IT in a user training and support role. He or she should have experience in Instructor-led knowledge-sharing; have an outgoing personality and be able to provide helpful service assistance in a timely manner to guests within or beyond the Internet Café and CLC (Computer Learning Centre)

Closing Date: 30 Dec 2010

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Guest Computer Services Manager - Cunard
« on: 05/October/2010 »

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Re: Guest Computer Services Manager - Cunard
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Da li je josh netko imao problem s prijavom za ovu poziciju?

Naime meni nedaje nikakav znak da je prijava prihvacena,prosla ili ista tako samo mi reloada istu stranicu   ""]]
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Re: Guest Computer Services Manager - Cunard
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