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Stateroom Steward/ess (Team Service)

The Stateroom Steward/ess is responsible for ensuring quality Housekeeping service and high standards of cleanliness as per company guidelines. The Stateroom Steward/ess will be assigned two permanent Assistant Stateroom Stewards, however the Stateroom Steward/ess will be ultimately responsible for the entire section, reports directly to the Assistant Housekeeping Manager. His/her responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

•   Adhere to the company standards regarding dress and appearance (Carnival Look Book).
•   Extend appropriate greeting to all guests at every opportunity.
•   Apply hospitality standards at all times in guest and crew areas.
•   Introduce guests to features of the stateroom at introduction.
•   Introduce assigned service team (Assistant Stateroom Stewards) to all guests.
•   Follow all safety regulations (boat drills, lifejacket issues etc.) during the course of duty.
•   Follow all environmental, USPH and SMS procedures during the course of duty.
•   Adhere to all safety and operational instructions regarding handling chemicals.
•   Advise any guest challenges immediately to the Housekeeping Management.
•   Respond to all guest requests in a timely manner.
•   Report and follow up on all maintenance issues with the Assistant Housekeeping Manager.
•   Ensure all staterooms are serviced twice a day to the cleaning and set-up standard required.
•   Ensure balconies and furniture is kept clean.
•   Ensure hallway/corridor and lockers are kept clean and tidy at all times.
•   Ensure carpets in staterooms and hallways/corridors are kept clean through daily spotting and reporting.
•   Ensure that all equipment is properly cared for, cleaned and correctly stored.
•   Ensure daily inspections of guest mattresses and adhere to mattress turning guidelines.
•   Ensure that food service items are removed from the stateroom promptly and returned to the appropriate area. They should not be left on the carpet under any circumstances.
•   Administer beach towel and bathrobe programs. Be pro-active to promote sales.
•   Follow all stateroom beverage procedures.
•   Ensure timely delivery of collected liquor, tour tickets and other stateroom deliveries.
•   Control and issue safety deposit box keys as applicable.
•   Adhere to CCL environmental towel hanger policy.
•   Adhere to CCL amenity basket program.
•   Administer departmental paperwork and report procedures.
•   Luggage delivery and related duties as instructed.
•   Train and evaluate Assistant Stateroom Steward in all standards and regulations.
•   Provide feedback to the Housekeeping Management regarding training and performance.
•   Assign daily duties to the Assistant Steward/ess as per their job description.
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Pozdrav CEO,

Da li znas kakvi su uslovi za stateroom stewardess na NCI?Koliko zaradjuju?


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Plata 1250$

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Aaaa samo 1250$?Da li je to plata asst.ili stewardess?





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