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Tailor job description
« on: 12/October/2010 »
The Tailor is responsible for repairing crew uniforms, guest cloths and all Hotel Department linen.
He/she reports directly to the Linen Supervisor/Assistant Housekeeping Manager (II Stripe).
His/her responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
•   Adhere to the company standards regarding dress and appearance (Carnival Look Book).
•   Maintain the threads, buttons, needles etc. at par level at all times. Order supplies as needed.
•   Repair any torn or damaged linen for the Hotel Department.
•   Repair/alternate guest cloths.
•   Make alterations to any company issue uniforms as required.
•   Re-generate replacement linen from soiled and damaged items, for example, pillow covers and cleaning rags from damaged towels.
•   Carry out repairs on soft furnishings to extend the life of such items where possible.
•   Minor repairs of curtains and drapes.
•   Assist with all linen inventories.
•   Assist with the issuing and checking of steward supplies.
•   Maintain and keep all equipment and the surrounding working area clean.
•   Ensure that work hours are followed, and that duties are carried out safely and effectively.
•   Comply with onboard safety procedures.
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Tailor job description
« on: 12/October/2010 »


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