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•   To maintain standards of the production shows as set by the original production team at the installation of each show. Covering all aspects from choreography and direction to maintenance of costumes and all technical aspects of the show. Responsible for x3 ships / Minimum of nine and maximum of fifteen Production Shows.

•   To read all ships reports (Dance Captains, Backstage Managers, Light and Sound, Production Show Minutes) Inform appropriate shore side personnel of any situation that should require immediate attention.

•   To take full responsibility of each cast change, scheduling of rehearsals, costume fittings, casting of the shows and to teach and give direction to the cast. In addition to the shows, to make sure those cast members that are new to the company is introduced to all the cruise staff activities and is measured for the company uniform.

•   Organizing and providing all necessary paper work for each cast member to join the ship, contracts, medical forms, flights, embassy letters, hotel confirmations and homeport transportation information. Updating contacts and crew personnel with relevant information.

•   To train and supervise each Dance Captain and on board Seamstress during their contract. Assisting them with the up keep of the cast welfare, enforcing company procedures and helping them with any of their computer related responsibilities. In addition controlling their requisitions and expenditure.

•   To liaise with Admin Supervisor in regards to pay changes, shoe/costume/prop and supply orders and when requesting the use of the seamstresses for onboard fittings.  

•   To liaise between shipboard and shore side personnel, assisting in the resolution of any problems that they may be experiencing on board. Discuss individually with each cast member their appraisals and any issues that may have come up during their contract. Provide a ship report to relevant entertainment personnel after each visit to a ship.

•   Assisting the choreographer /director at a new show instillation, learning all choreography, direction and all technical aspects of the show. Producing  the company show files, including all blocking notes, vocal sheets, laundry rotations and instructions, all costume pictures etc. Setting up the show with all plan B choreography in the event of rough weather in the future. To assist in the scheduling of all costume fittings and the organization of the storage of all costumes and props.

Responsible For

•   Dance Captains
•   Ship board seamstress
•   Dancers

Reports To

•   Production Show Manager
•   Director Carnival Productions
•   VP of Cruise Programming

Working Relationships With

•   Production Show Manager
•   Production Show Supervisors
•   Administrative Assistant
•   Dancer Supervisors
•   Entertainment Director
•   Entertainment Managers
•   Technical Supervisors
•   Technical Coordinators
•   Entertainment Secretaries
•   Hotel Managers
•   Cruise Directors
•   Musical Directors
•   On Board Technicians and Backstage Managers
•   Shore Side Seamstress


« on: 15/June/2010 »


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