Author Topic: Does Carnival hire couples?  (Read 22548 times)

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Does Carnival hire couples?
« on: 12/June/2008 »
Does Carnival hire couples?

Carnival Cruises Lines is a very “couple friendly” cruise line, and endeavors to allow couples to work on the same ship whenever possible.
For prospective couples are seeking employment with Carnival, for the first contract it may prove difficult to keep them together on the ship same as all
contracts are completed at different times. Further, Carnival prefers to assess employees as individuals before committing to hiring them as couples.
Once couples of completed their first contract, Carnival will try its best to place them together for your future contracts, however, there are many factors involved and this is not guaranteed.
Bear in mind that cabin space on a particular ship can be at a premium. Should couples wish to live together, they must submit a formal request with the
Manager Staff Administration. Assuming space is available, requests are granted on a first come/first serve basis.

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Does Carnival hire couples?
« on: 12/June/2008 »