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 SINGER SUPERVISOR – Job Description

•   To over see the standards of the production show singers as set by the original production team at the installation of each show.
•   Responsible for hiring and casting all production vocalists, having full responsibility for the production singer budget. Scheduling the contracts and handovers for the fleet.
•   Liaise with production and entertainment managers to schedule all vocal auditions. Personally conduct all auditions for Production Vocalists. Researching new hiring venues/locations and alternative advertisement techniques.
•   Review all incoming audition packages, reply with appropriate letters and enter all information into contacts, keeping all information current (availability, vocal ability, range, height and style)
•   Keep vocal books current to supply each singer with vocal lyrics, charts and CD prior to their rehearsal period.
•   Liaise with admin assistant to provide each vocalist with all necessary paper work to join the ship and the admin supervisor in regards to pay changes, shoe/costume/prop and supply orders and when requesting the use of the seamstresses for onboard fittings.
•   Responsible for assistants, developing them in management skills and complying with company procedures.
•   To liaise between shipboard and shore side personnel, assisting in the resolution of any problems that they may be experiencing on board. Discuss individually with each cast member their appraisals and any issues that may have come up during their contract. Provide a ship report to relevant entertainment personnel after each visit to a ship.
•   To take full responsibility at a singer hand over, including scheduling rehearsals, costume fittings, vocal coaching and to teach and give direction to each individual to get the best possible performance from them. To Liaise with Dance Captain on any issues that come into play during the hand over, making him/her aware of any areas that the Dance Captain should work on during their contract.
•   Ensure that all vocalists are aware of Carnival’s expectations enforcing all shipboard rules, regulations and policies. To complete one on one mid-contract and/or end of contract appraisals.
•   While on board attend shipboard production meeting, to discuss any problems that they may be experiencing and provide a ship report to relevant entertainment personnel at the end of the ship visit.
•   Request and order any costume or shoe requirements for the production vocalists.

Responsible For
•   Production Show Vocalists
•   Production Singer Assistant
•   Administrative Assistant

Reports To
•   Production Show Manager
•   Director Carnival Productions
•   VP of Cruise Programming

Working Relationships With
•   Production Show Supervisors
•   Entertainment Director
•   Entertainment Managers
•   Technical Supervisors
•   Technical Coordinators
•   Entertainment Secretaries
•   Hotel Managers
•   Cruise Directors
•   Musical Directors
•   On Board Technicians and Backstage Managers
•   Shore Side Seamstress



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