Author Topic: Qualified Electrician - Would like job on cruise ship  (Read 5744 times)

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Hi there, i have been a qualified electrician since 2008 and am 27 years old.

I live in the UK working as a solar pv electrician at the moment but have worked abroad before (I think this is how i no i like the idea of working abroad for long periods of time) in New Zealand as an electrician and loved the experience.
Basically, I am putting this message up to see if anyone could steer me in the right direction and whether i need to get more qualifications to work on a cruise ship.
Any contacts, websites would be an amazing help to me as I am quite new to cruise ship job sites but do no there are a lot of scams out there.
Even if i had to start off lower in the ranks on a cruise ship to get the job i desire in the end i would b prepared to do this.

Any help is much appreciated



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If you go to a Facebook, and "Like" their careers page, several big cruise line companies have recently started to update their crewing needs,

Try with,, ... and other

Good Luck!
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