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November 2009, Princess Cruises Companion Policy

To be considered for same‐ship assignments, crewmembers must register by completing a Companion Link Request Form.
The automated rotations tool (ART) will then take this into consideration when developing future schedules and attempt to schedule companions on the same ship.
Please note that business needs will take precedence, and same ship assignments and posting durations are not guaranteed.

To be eligible:

• Crewmembers must have 18 months of continuous service with Princess Cruises and may request a link with another active crewmember.
• Crewmembers listed in the crew system (Maps) as married may only request a link with their marital partner of record, sibling or child.

1) Companion IDs will be linked in the crew system upon mutual agreement by both parties and approval by Fleet Personnel and/or Operational Management.
Linking of IDs does not guarantee that companions will receive the same rotations. Princess reserves the right to de‐link companions at any time.

2) The companion link may be dissolved at any time by either party, by completing a new Companion Link Request Form and returning it to the Crew Office or Manning Office.
This will not, however, affect arrangements in place for the current contract or future assignments that have already been planned at the time the request is received.

3) The process will work as follows:

• To create a companion link in MAPS, both crewmembers must fill out the Companion Link Request Form and check the Request to Link Companions box.
• To dissolve an existing companion link, either companion should fill out the Companion Link Request Form and check the Request to De‐Link Companions box.
• Forms should then be submitted to the Crew Office (if on board) or Manning Office (if at home).

4) Completed Companion Link Request Forms will be submitted to The Crew Office/Manning Office will work with Fleet Personnel and advise both crewmembers of the result.
5) Crew Scheduling will attempt to place companions on the same ship, but assignments and posting durations are not guaranteed.
6) Cabin assignments are determined by onboard management based on departmental needs.
7) A new companion link may be requested only once per twelve‐month period.
8) Contract lengths will not be adjusted based on companion link status. Linked companions with contracts of different lengths may, however, apply for Extended Leave to synchronize their next start dates.
Crewmembers are reminded that (a) approval of Extended Leave is not guaranteed, and (b) an approved Extended Leave does not guarantee the companions placement on the same ship.
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