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Job Title:  Cruise Ship Security Staff
Type: Permanent
Company: International Cruise Services
Sectors: Cruise Ships Jobs
Travel Jobs, Leisure & Tourism Jobs
Job Location:  UK Wide 
Job Description:  Security Staff Positions On Board Ships

The cruise industry's highest priority is to ensure the safety and security of its passengers, crew and vessels.
A cruise ship is inherently secure because it is a controlled environment with limited access. In order to maintain this secure environment, cruise lines have established strict ship security procedures that are, in part, outlined in internationally agreed-upon measures set forth by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
The IMO, the United Nations body that establishes international maritime safety standards, has taken initiatives to address port and shipboard security. Most recently, worldwide security regulations known as the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code were implemented as amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Prior to these international regulations, CLIA cruise line members had U.S. Coast Guard-approved security plans in place since 1996, in which many of the future requirements of the ISPS Code and MTSA were already included. These plans allowed cruise ships to implement their highest level of security within hours of the events of Sept. 11, 2001.
Heightened security measures are standard for cruise ships today and include passenger screening procedures similar to those found at U.S. airports including the use of metal detectors. Security procedures include the 100 percent inspection of all passengers, their carry-on baggage and luggage. Each crewmember holds a U.S. seafarers visa and has thus undergone a U.S. State Department background check prior to visa issuance. In addition, all crewmembers and guests are placed on an official manifest and may embark and disembark only after passing through a security checkpoint. Once a ship is underway, only documented employees and fare-paying passengers are on board. Cruise lines employ security experts and advisors and train onboard personnel in security procedures. Many additional security techniques are routinely utilized by both port and cruise line security but remain invisible to the passengers' eye.
The cruise industry works closely with federal, state, and local agencies. They have a security committee that is comprised of corporate security officers from each cruise line, many of which have military or law enforcement backgrounds. Their aim is prevention and detection of crime and maintain law and order on board the ship. Ensure that the Company's rules and regulations are not breached by passengers or crew. Act as prosecutor at the Captains Court and be able to advise on ports of law/procedure. Security measures when docked and be aware of the correct protocol and procedure in relation to local customs and immigration regulations. Advise the Captain as to The International Maritime Organisation's Guidelines to prevent illegal acts at sea. Investigation of minor and serious crime.

Must have experience in the field of drug use, and know the signs and symptoms and effects of any particular type of drug. Advise the Captain of any intelligence reports received as to threat assessments in any particular port or location. Assessment of vulnerability either by crew or passengers and formulate drug search patterns and procedures and provide training for such drills.

Be mindful of the implications an act of terrorism would have on the ship. Therefore the Security Officer should have experience in bomb search techniques and provide training by means of regular drills on board the vessel. The Security Officer also mans the "Forward Command Post" and co-ordinated search methods and patterns and reports to the Captain as to progress. All ships are briefed as to levels of security to be implemented and intelligence bulletins are received daily .

They must be able to act rationally in demanding situations, i.e., should there be a fire or other similar threat on board the ship. Prevent stowaways from boarding the ship and have an idea of International Migration Law and handling procedures of stowaways caught. Ensure the hull of the ship (referred to as "The Shell") is watertight and that all hatches are properly battened down. Investigate in conjunction with the ships doctor all accidents to ensure false claims are not made against the ship.

Salaries range for Senior Security from £2500 - £4000 per month depending on age and experience
For Assistant Security Officers salaries range from £1600 - £2200 per month

PLEASE NOTE:- This is the job description of a Chief of Security Officer on board ship. There are many positions available for Assistant Security Officers. You must have had previous experience in the security field at a high level.


However ...
Na stranici objasnjavaju:

International Cruise Services - Is it a scam?
We have recieved a number of emails from jobseekers who reported International Cruise Services (based in Glasgow, UK) as another cruise ship employment scam to us.

We approached them in February 2009 and here is their response:


We charge a one off fee of 35 GBP for the cruise ship career guide and also newsletters containing all the current ships, changes of addresses of companies and general information about where to obtain vacancies. Which is sent to people who register free of charge for two years. We have been in business since l989 and have been approved by the Department of Trade and Industry who have been in our offices and are perfectly happy with way we operate.

At no time do we say in any of our literature that they pay to get a job. If you look at our web site - click on International Cruise Services button you will see that we clearly explain our services.


After a brief investigation we came to the following conclusions:

International Cruise Services is not what we would class as employment scam. However, their website ( is misleading since they don't make it clear that they do not recruit staff but sell information packs and email newsletters.

International Cruise Services advertise a lot of jobs on various online job boards. However, they don't recruit staff for cruise lines and therefore these positions don't exist. It is illegal in the United Kingdom to advertise non-existing jobs.

We think some jobseekers might find their services useful. Having said that, most information that International Cruise Services sell for 35 GBP (approximatelly 50 USD) can be found elsewhere on the Internet for free.

Our Advice
Avoid International Cruise Services. Learn about cruise ship jobs on websites such as this one and apply for jobs with approved recruiters or directly employers.

You can find current jobs in cruise line industry on several job boards, such as
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