Author Topic: Bartender - is this a male dominated position??  (Read 8517 times)

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Hey everyone....Ive just recently been putting serious thought into applying with a cruise line as a bartender. 
yet i have a coupe questions......
1. I've noticed online, there seems to be only males holding the bartender positions

I am a female, I have been bartending for past 15 years, which comes my nxt questions

2.  Is 35 years old considered "old" as bartender on ship??  The only reason I ask, is because the pictures I've seen online, everyone is younger than a 35 year old



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Re: is this a male dominated position??
« Reply #1 on: 09/April/2017 »
Hi there,

You have 2 problems.

1st - cruise line industry shy away from employing US citizen, because they tend to be very aware of their rights, respond loudly to unpaid overtime, lack of sleep, high stress and low comfort level.
2nd - if you're above 35 years of age, you physically fall behind what's required from you, no matter how prepared you are. Now imagine a 20 years old Indian as your boss, outperforming you at most levels ... asking you to do hundred things you're not used to, cleaning ceiling for example, washing drains .. and so on.

You might succeed, in spite all, but I don't recommend. It is not uncommon at all to see girls from all over the world bar tending on cruise ships, there is constant demand for them, some agencies are looking for female bartenders only, but very few cruise lines are willing to employ US citizen. Disney Cruise Line perhaps ...

Don't be fulled by "equal opportunity employer" statements on their websites. In 99% cases, they put it there only because makes them look good.
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Re: Bartender - is this a male dominated position??
« Reply #2 on: 09/April/2017 »
Perhaps you should apply for NCL America's US flagged ship Pride of America which sails around Hawaii, that's your best chance.